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The Pinochet File


Thousands of documents that spelled out US government support of Pinochet have recently been declassified. Kornbluh presents them here, with an investigative narrative that puts the documents in their historical context exposing the efforts of Kissinger, the White House, and the CIA to conceal this history and fills in the gaps of one of the most infamous chapters in the history of American foreign policy. From Chilean secret police records on Operation Condor to the CIA Chile Task Force organizational and strategy documents, to transcripts of Nixon and Kissinger discussing how to “bring Allende down”it’s all here. Now in an affordable paperback edition, the 608 pages are updated with yet more newly declassified documents. When it was first published in 2003 on the 30th anniversary of the Chilean coup, Peter Kornbluh’s `Pinochet File’ was hailed on the editorial page of The New York Times – no doubt to the aggravation of Henry Kissinger and all those who would deny the U.S. role in undermining Chilean democracy and supporting the advent of General Pinochet’s brutal dictatorship. “Thanks to Peter Kornbluh,” the Los Angeles Times wrote, “we have the first complete, almost day-to-day and fully documented record of this sordid chapter in Cold War American history.” Peter Kornbluh led the campaign for the declassification of some 24,000 secret CIA, White House, NSC, and Defense Department records on Chile. The paperback edition includes new information and documents released since the hardcover went to press. This material is incorporated into a powerful retelling of the events that Newsweek magazine calls “a remarkable reconstruction of the secret U.S. foreign policy that transformed Chile into a dictatorship.”

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Subtitel: A Declassified Dossier on Atrocity and Accountability
Auteur: Kornbluh, Peter (Editor)
Jaar: 2004
ISBN: 1565849361
Pagina's: 587
Taal: English
Uitgever: New Press
Uitgever stad: New York
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