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The Pol Pot regime


“I first visited Cambodia in 1975,” Ben Kiernan writes. “None of the Cambodians I knew then survived the next four years.” In The Pol Pot Regime , Kiernan presents the first definitive account of the four-year reign of terror known as “Democratic Kampuchea.” Working very closely with Cambodian sources, including interviews with hundreds of survivors and the archived “confessions” extracted by the Khmer Rouge from political prisoners just before their execution, Kiernan depicts the horrific nature of Pol Pot and his thugs with chilling specificity, and his historical analysis makes a valuable contribution to understanding how they were able to come to power in the wake of the Vietnam War.

Artikelnummer: 17871 Categorie: Tags: ,
Subtitel: Race, power, and genocide in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge 1975-1979
Auteur: Kiernan, Ben
Jaar: 2002
ISBN: 0-300-09649-6
Pagina's: 512
Taal: English
Uitgever: Yale University Press
Uitgever stad: New Haven/London
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