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The rise of the genderqueer


“We are witnessing the birth of an extraordinary voice in these poems” -Roy G. Guzmán, author of Restored Mural for Orlando A truly incomparable collection, The Rise of Genderqueer constructs a voice with unmitigated and authentic yearning. Its poems soak ink into page from margin to margin, pressing into the reader’s assumptions about gender unmercifully. These poems demand, carry authentic wisdom, deliver keen argument, and disarm with sly wit. Wren Hanks challenges the status quo as neatly as a flower slid into the barrel of a rifle. These are utterly convincing prose forms studded with rhetoric he’s deftly remastered and sampled from our culture and conversations right now. “I’ll never be denatured, // I am nature,” Hanks’s poems insist, as the reader bears witness to a bigger world, light flooding into every corner, revealing what has always been true, vigorous, and expansive.

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Auteur: Hawks, Wren
Jaar: 2020
ISBN: 9781948559096
Pagina's: 42
Taal: English
Uitgever: Brian Mill Press
Uitgever stad:
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