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Albert Heijn Not To Go


The book starts from the retelling of a story that actually happened (a person being taken by police under the accusation of not paying for a 1.80 euros kaasbroodje at an Albert Heijn To Go in Amsterdam Centraal) to further delve into various thematics that extrapolate the dynamics behind the production and selling of a product like the kaasbroodje in an Albert Heijn. Next to the chapters in which the story is told, there are thus chapters in which various topics are analysed: from the automation in supermarkets, to the cheese industry, from the bread industry to the justice system.

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Subtitle: A short story about supermarkets and why they are evil
Author: Michel Louise
Year: 2021
ISBN: Zonder
Pages: 127
Language: English
Publisher: PaperJam Collective
Publisher's city: Amsterdam
Publication date:
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