Anarchist Studies Vol. 31, number 2 (2023)

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Anarchist Studies Vol. 31, number 2 (2023)



About this Issue’s Cover: Memorializing Kropotkin, pages 5‑9
Allan Antliff l

Editorial: One Hundred Years with and without Kropotkin, pages 10‑15
Cord-Christian Casper, Billy Godfrey, Adeline Coignet

‘Everything Changes in Nature’: Kropotkin’s Process Philosophy, pages 16‑33
Ole Martin Sandberg

Mutual Aid and Technology in the Time of Covid, pages 34‑52
Claudia Firth

Reimagining the Food System: Kropotkin, Food Sovereignty and OrganicLea, pages 53‑72
Tomas Pewton

Peter Kropotkin and Social Ecology: Between Biology and Revolution, pages 73‑95
Jelena H. Pantel, Selva Varengo, Federico Venturini

Kropotkin and Revolution, pages 96‑115
Zoe Baker

Reviews, pages 116‑127

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Author: Collective
Year: 2023
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