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Culture of Consumption


Introducing Culture of Consumption, an ongoing project by Danielle Cantor, exploring how communities and their food practices connect to their histories, religions, traditions, climates, identities, genders, social classes and personal stories. Hell No Publication and Distribution and Culture of Consumption have teamed up to release a booklet with stories and photographs about food culture from around the world. When understanding the idea of the ‘dinner table’ and the manners tied to this spread, we begin to grasp the major differences between our individual cultures. The time the meal takes place, the ingredients assembled to make each dish, the utensils used to eat, the setting the meal is held in, the hierarchy of serving––children first, eldest first, men first. Yet, looking beyond these customs and contrasts, we are able to see clearly how similar we are. Relating through the mutual need to be nourished, and the mutual desire to nourish another with social identity and sustenance.

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Author: Cantor, Daniel
Year: 2019
ISBN: Zonder
Language: English
Publisher: Daniel Cantor
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