From dusk ’til dawn

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From dusk ’til dawn


Starting with a brief but not exhaustive summary of the early history of the movement, `From Dusk ’til Dawn’ is primarily the personal perspective of former ALF activist Keith Mann on the direct action wing of the Animal Liberation Movement, which began to burgeon in the 1960s. The book takes you on tour with the ALF as activists carry out raids, and allows the reader to gain a better understanding of the thinking and motivation of some of the people who work within ALF cells or alone – those who go out of their way to break the law of the land. Mann lays before you his personal view in a collection of stories that will in turn move, shock, entertain and enlighten. Having served time in prison as an ALF activist, Mann is something of a cause célèbre in the global animal rights movement for his uncompromising stance on the issue of animal exploitation. Eminently personable, he never attempts to paint himself as anything other than what he is – a cheeky and affable Mancunian lad, with an overriding desire to see an end to the suffering of animals.

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Subtitle: An insider's view of the growth of the Animal Liberation Movement
Author: Mann, Keith
Year: 2007
ISBN: 9780955585005
Pages: 647
Language: English
Publisher: Puppy Pincher Press
Publisher's city: London
Publication date:
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