Insurrectionary Uprisings

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Insurrectionary Uprisings


‘Insurrectionary Uprisings’ is a compendium of essays that explore what it will take to win a world based on love and justice. From historical writing, including Thoreau, Gandhi and Arendt, to essays that address the multiple crises we face in the 21st century, the volume brings together authors and thinkers from around the globe. With an emphasis on the quotidian violence of racial monopoly capitalism and Western imperialism, ‘Insurrectionary Uprisings’ insists that the possibility of revolutionary nonviolence rests, in part, on decolonization and decoloniality and a thorough analysis of the deep and violent roots of racial capitalism, settler colonialism and heteropatriarchy. Fannie Lou Hamer’s testimony at the 1964 Democratic Convention underscores the inherent violence that saturates life in the U.S., while Cabral’s “Message to the People of Portugal” challenges the working class of imperial Portugal to recognize their kinship and to form alliances with the people of Guinea-Bissau. The very different strands of activist thinkers who comprise the book centre it on the experience of the global majority.

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Subtitle: A Reader in Revolutionary Nonviolence
Author: Marshall, Wende & Matt Meyer
Year: 2022
ISBN: 9781988832999
Pages: 490
Language: English
Publisher: Daraja Press
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