International Review 169

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International Review 169


Faced with war and the acceleration of the crisis of capitalism: Revolutionaries have a historic responsibility

Third Manifesto of the ICC: Capitalism leads to the destruction of humanity… Only the world revolution of the proletariat can put an end to it

The acceleration of capitalist decomposition poses the clear possibility of the destruction of humanity

The significance of the summer of anger in Britain: The return of the combativity of the world proletariat

The United States: The superpower in capitalist decadence is now at the epicentre of social decomposition (I)

Critique of “communisers” (parts I & II)

100 years after the foundation of the Communist International: What lessons can we draw for future combats? (part V)

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Author: International Communist Current
Year: 2023
Pages: 36
Language: English
Publisher: International Communist Current
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