Let This Radicalize You

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Let This Radicalize You


What fuels and sustains activism and organizing when it feels like our worlds are collapsing? Let This Radicalize You is a practical and imaginative resource for activists and organizers building power in an era of destabilization and catastrophe. Longtime organizers and movement educators Mariame Kaba and Kelly Hayes examine some of the political lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the convergence of mass protest and mass formations of mutual aid, and consider what this confluence of power can teach us about a future that will require mass acts of care, rescue and defense, in the face of both state violence and environmental disaster. The book is intended to aid and empower activists and organizers as they attempt to map their own journeys through the work of justice-making. It includes insights from a spectrum of experienced organizers, including Sharon Lungo, Carlos Saavedra, Ejeris Dixon, Barbara Ransby, and Ruth Wilson Gilmore about some of the difficult and joyous lessons they have learned in their work.

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Subtitle: Organizing and the Revolution of Reciprocal Care
Author: Hayes, Kelly & Mariame Kaba & Maya Schenwar
Year: 2023
ISBN: 9781642598278
Pages: 296
Language: English
Publisher: Haymarket Books
Publisher's city: Chicago
Publication date: 2023-05-16
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