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Nazi Billionaires


Packed with revelations, this history traces the corrupt, bloody money that was hoarded by Nazi families during and after the Second World War – and how that money has translated into wealth and power for well known companies and tycoons today. Three weeks after Hitler seized power in Germany he called a meeting. He had summoned twenty-five of the most prominent businessmen in Germany and then arrived late. German big business had not helped Hitler seize power. Most corporate tycoons saw him as loud and violent. A failed painter who made brutish comments, to be laughed at. Nevertheless, these men would become profoundly, fiscally entangled in the Nazi effort. This book investigates and casts stunning new light on how the families and companies of the men who bought into Hitler’s vision have prospered and monopolised.

Subtitle: The dark history of Germany's wealthiest dynasties
Author: Jong, David de
Year: 2021
ISBN: 9780008299774
Pages: 400
Language: English
Publisher's city:
Publication date:
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