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Octavia E. Butler – A literary companion


Slow to rise in the literary world, Octavia Estelle Butler cultivated musings on earth’s future, reaching massive critical acclaim in the process. This companion will complement book club discussions and classroom lessons for the closest possible readings of Butler’s science fiction and her texts on racism and pollution. A maven of speculative fiction so prescient that it hovers between tocsin and prophecy, Butler survives through her print stories, essays, novels and musings on individualism and compromise. This book guides the reader on a variety of Butler pieces, from her most obscure titles to her historical entries and pieces that speculate upon science, metaphysics, linguistics, psychology, writing and religion. The text serves as a guide through the depths of Octavia Butler’s works and reinforces the reasons for which her name so often appears on reading lists for higher learning.

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Author: Snodgrass, Mary Allen
Year: 2022
ISBN: 9781476688756
Pages: 277
Language: English
Publisher: McFarland
Publisher's city: Jefferson
Publication date: 2022-12-15
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