Revolutionary Hillbilly

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Revolutionary Hillbilly


‘Revolutionary Hillbilly’ is a history book, an organizer’s notebook, and an autobiography. These are stories of unity against poverty and racism. Hy Thurman is a hillbilly and a revolutionary organizer. As a co-founder of the Young Patriots Organization, Thurman helped organize poor white communities in alliance with the Illinois Black Panther Party and Young Lords Organization during the Sixties. He is an educator who got his schooling in the fields of Tennessee, his PhD on the streets of Chicago, and his hunger for justice in the back of a patrol car. ‘Revolutionary Hillbilly’ is unique because it is a first person chronicle of the unfolding of landmark events of the 1960’s. Hy Thurman’s book provides an insiders view of how coalitions can form and the group dynamics that can keep these movements vibrant. It is an invaluable resource for historians and activists alike.

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Subtitle: Notes from the struggle on the edge of the rainbow
Author: Thurman, Hy
Year: 2020
ISBN: 9781587905513
Pages: 204
Language: English
Publisher: Regent Press
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