Rumoer #7 english (oktober) 2023

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Rumoer #7 english (oktober) 2023

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As always: angry, enthusiast, wild, worried and looking for interesting reflections and analyses in a world which doesn’t show us much good stuff. We wrote about nuclear technology (keep an eye on this, read about it, talk about it, do something), leaving as few as possible DNA traces, attack, so-called Smart Cities and much more.
We really like to spread this publication for free, not just by post and in social spaces, but also on the street and other gatherings. But that costs some money. Give us some or plenty of money: INGBNL2A NL75 INGB 0004253090 in the name of ITHAKA in Utrecht, in the description RUMOER.

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Author: Rumoer Collectief
Year: 2023
ISBN: Zonder
Pages: 24
Language: English
Publisher: Rumoer
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