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The psychic hold of slavery


What would it mean to “get over slavery”? Is such a thing possible? Is it even desirable? To explore these questions, The Psychic Hold of Slavery assembles a diverse collection of literary and film critics, philosophers, and cultural theorists. With a painful awareness that our understanding of the past informs our understanding of the present—and vice versa—the contributors place slavery’s historical legacies in conversation with twenty-first-century manifestations of antiblack violence, dehumanization, and social death.

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Subtitle: Legacies in American expressive culture
Author: Diggs Colbert, Soyica & Robert J. Patterson & Aida Levy-Hussen (red.)
Year: 2016
ISBN: 9780813583969
Pages: 258
Language: English
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
Publisher's city: New Brunswick
Publication date:
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