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Voices of struggle


In the world that we want, our Alarm phone would not exist. human beings should not have to risk their lives at sea, simply to cross a border and reach a place of safety. They should not have to call an emergency hotline run by activists to make their distress heard, and to be rescued. They should be allowed to move safely and freely. In our current world, however, only the privileged few can move between countries with hardly any restraint, while so many others embark on journeys where it is unclear if they will reach the other side alive. The Alarm phone still exists – five years after we launched it in 2014. It still exists because the dying in the mediterranean has not stopped and because thousands continue to ‘burn’ borders when they exercise their right to cross the sea. In this anniversary brochure, we reflect on our activities and some of the experiences we have made over the past years in our support of migrant travellers on about 2,800 boats in the mediterranean Sea.

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Subtitle: 8 years of the Alarm Phone
Author: Watch the Med / Alarm phone
Year: 2022
ISBN: Zonder
Pages: 148
Language: English
Publisher: Watch the Med / Alarm phone
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