Arab Marxism and National Liberation

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Arab Marxism and National Liberation


Mahdi Amel (1936-87) was a prominent Arab Marxist thinker and Lebanese Communist Party member. For the first time in English, this collection makes available lengthy excerpts from six major works by Mahdi Amel. These include the two founding texts on colonialism and underdevelopment in which Amel began to grapple with the question of dependency, his treatise on sectarianism and the state, his critique of Edward Said’s analysis of Marx, his exposure of emerging Islamised bourgeois trends of thought as part of a broader critique of everyday thought, and his reflection on cultural heritage as perceived by Arab bourgeoisie. Amel’s writings serve as a reminder of the need to renew Marxist thought based on concrete and particular social realities, like colonialism.

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Subtitle: Selected Writings of Mahdi Amel
Author: Amel, Mahdi
Year: 2021
ISBN: 9781642596038
Pages: 148
Language: English
Publisher: Haymarket Books
Publisher's city: Chicago
Publication date:
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