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Support Wise and Laka

Nuclear power? No thanks!

‘Nuclear power is not green
Nuclear power is not sustainable
Nuclear power is not clean
Nuclear power has numerous problems

and finally, it is also expensive and slow, while the climate crisis requires quick action and money is not readily available.’

Yet in today’s energy debate, nuclear power is again presented as the solution to the climate crisis, trial balloons are launched for a 2nd and 3rd nuclear power plant and, as a result, no real work is done on a sustainable and safe energy transition.

So support Wise and Laka
Both environmental organisations have been working for years for a world without nuclear power, and thus have a wealth of information on the dangers and misconceptions of nuclear power.
You can get information through their websites, which are packed with fact sheets on nuclear energy, past and present action reports, current campaigns to name but a few:

Together, they also launched the website to ‘make it clear that nuclear power is not a sustainable solution and has numerous problems’ and does not fit within the current discussion on energy transition.

Make anti-nuclear views visible by:
Participating in actions and demonstrations and, for those who want to, petitions and votes. These are opportunities to show that nuclear power was not acceptable before and still is not. Donating to or volunteering for Wise and Laka is also possible, the organisations can always use help and taking action costs money.

At the Fort, we support Wise and Laka by, among other things, placing part of Wise’s webshop with e.g. buttons, stickers, flags, window stickers in the shop and offering them for sale via our webshop. Wise is too busy with action/campaigning and this way we can help them get visible propaganda out into the world.
Do you want 25 stickers to make it clear to your neighbourhood that you don’t want nuclear power or just that one button in Frisian for on your bag?
In the shop we have the languages Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish. But if you are patient, we can also arrange other languages, such as Basque, Arabic, or Italian. The list of languages can be found here, or on Wise’s webshop:
From now on, you can again order a few buttons from us in different languages or 1 flag or just a lot to hand out…

Some books, zines and flyers against nuclear power are also here in the shop of course, if you visit our shop you can find them and give a donation to Wise or Laka. Most brochures nowadays appear as pdf’s on the sites mentioned.

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