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Battling Big Business


Losing control in the media arena as a result of activist pressure has become a public relations nightmare for the modern multinational enterprise. Shell’s Brent Spar fiasco is one well-known example, when the Greenpeace campaign against sinking the former drill platform achieved its goals. Monsanto’s gross underestimation of the European resistance to the introduction of genetically engineered products is another. As more companies shift to being all about brand meaning and image, the more vulnerable they are to attacks on that image. At the same time, corporations are becoming as powerful as governments.This text reveals how corporate giants attempt to control their “enemies” and how groups and individuals can fight back.

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Subtitle: Countering greenwash, infiltration and other forms of corporate bullying
Author: Lubbers, Eveline (ed.)
Year: 2002
ISBN: 190399814X
Pages: 224
Language: English
Publisher: Common Courage Press
Publisher's city: Monroe
Publication date:
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