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Between the bullet and the lie


Old debates about democracy vs. socialism vs. fascism are back. Missing from today’s versions are the voices of moral clarity, those that challenge us to be our best selves in difficult times. Kristian Williams has mined the intellect of a man who, sixty-seven years after his death, still has much to offer readers. ‘Between the Bullet and the Lie’ highlights the relationship George Orwell sees between aesthetics, ethics, and politics; the difference between honesty and integrity; the corruption of language; the importance of observation and evidence; and the many failures of the Left. The result is not a study of sacred decrees from Orwell, but an application of his thought to political and literary questions that trouble us today.

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Subtitle: Essays on Orwell
Author: Williams, Kristian
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781849352901
Pages: 271
Language: English
Publisher: AK Press
Publisher's city: Edinburgh
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