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Otherwise, It Would Be Just Another River


‘Otherwise, It Would Be Just Another River: Ten Years of Borderland Collective’s Practice in Collaboration and Dialogue’ focuses on the participatory education and socially engaged art practices of Borderland Collective over the last ten years. The book shares stories and collective knowledge about the US-Mexico border created by students, teachers, artists, and community members in an array of Borderland Collective projects through poems, prose, photographs, and drawings. Borderland Collective is a long-term participatory art and education project based in Texas. The project utilizes collaborations between artists, educators, youth, and community members to engage complex social issues and build space for diverse perspectives, meaningful dialogue, and varying modes of creation and reflection.

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Subtitle: Ten Years of Borderland Collective’s Practice in Collaboration and Dialogue
Author: Reed, Jason & Molly Sherman & Eric Gottesman & Erina Duganne & Adetty Pérez de Miles & Mark Menjivar & Ryan Sprott
Year: 2022
ISBN: 9783959055369
Pages: 248
Language: English
Publisher: Spector Books
Publisher's city: Leipzig
Publication date:
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