Revolusi (english)

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Revolusi (english)


On a sunny Friday morning in August 1945, a handful of tired people raised a homemade cotton flag and on behalf of 68 million compatriots announced the birth of a new nation: Indonesia. Four million civilians had died during the Japanese wartime occupation that ousted its Dutch colonial regime. Another 200,000 people would lose their lives in the astonishingly brutal conflict that ensued – as the Dutch used savage violence to reassert their control, and as Britain and America became embroiled in pacifying Indonesia’s guerrilla war of resistance: the ‘Revolusi’. It was not until December 1949 that the newly created United Nations finally brought the conflict an end – and with it, 350 years of colonial rule – setting a precedent that would reshape the world. Drawing on hundreds of interviews and eye-witness testimonies, David Van Reybrouck turns this vast and complex story into an utterly gripping narrative that is alive with human detail at every turn. A landmark publication, ‘Revolusi’ shows Indonesia’s struggle for independence to be one of the defining dramas of the twentieth century.

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Subtitle: Indonesia and the Birth of the Modern World
Author: Reybrouck, David van
Year: 2024
ISBN: 9781847927057
Pages: 656
Language: English
Publisher: Vintage Publishing
Publisher's city:
Publication date: 2024-02-08
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