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The Vegan’s Guide to People Arguing With Vegans


A collection of the worst arguments against veganism and tips on how to deal with these discussions. Hilarious, insightfuland a bit bonkers. Best of all, it fits neatly into your pocket, ready to whip out and bewilder meaties wherever yiou may be. “People new to veganism may initially be surprised by the cornucopia of codswallop said about what is, after all, a constructive, compassionate lifestyle choice.” “As they soon discover, ignorance knows no borders, and the crassness, callousness and empty-headed nonsense in this collection is just the tip of the iceberg.” “This invaluable, interactive guide collects together some of the worst arguments against veganism to give you a flavour of what to expect from non-vegans.” “Enjoy the sheer absurdity of people arguing with vegans!”

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Year: 2015
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