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What We Want, What We Believe (4 DVD set)


Three acclaimed Newsreel Films on the Black Panther Party: “Off the Pig”; “Mayday”; and “Repression”. Formed in 1967, the Newsreel film collective was dedicated to chronicling and analyzing current events. In their time, they produced more than three dozen films throughout the US and abroad. By working directly with the Black Panthers, Newsreel was able to explore realities often ignored by traditional media outlets, while producing documents that the Panthers and other activists could use in organizing their own communities. The results speak for themselves and stand as true testimonials to the spirit of community self-defense and political savvy the Panthers are celebrated—and were targeted for. Accompanying the Newsreel films is a massive quantity of rare and exclusive materials culled from Roz Payne’s extensive collection of FBI documents, correspondence, and interviews with Black Panthers and their supporters. It’s all here, the government-sponsored repression, the trials, exile, triumph, and reunion. “What We Want, What We Believe” is not a straight-forward documentary the additional materials are like Roz Payne’s home movies but more like a tapestry woven from fragments of cloth. As a whole, these fragments present a rich and provocative history, straight from the mouths of Panthers, their supporters, and even the agents charged with neutralizing them. These materials are crucial to our continuing understanding of the Black Panther Party and their legacy. A portion of the proceeds from this project will go to support Black Panther Prisoners through Books Behind Bars, the Jericho Movement, and the Human Rights Research Fund.
Special bonus features: Documents from the Roz Payne Archives chronicling the movement and repression against it. English Language, Region Free. Disc One: Three Newsreel Films, Interviews with Field Marshall Donald Cox, Footage from 35th Anniversary Reunion; Disc Two: Interviews with Former FBI Agents discussing COINTELPRO tactics, Footage from the Wheelock Academic Conference on the BPP; Disc Three: Interviews with various movement lawyers discussing Panther cases; Disc Four: Interviews with Newsreel members, DVD-Rom extras from the Roz Payne Archives

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Subtitle: The Black Panther Party Library
Author: Payne, Roz (Editor)
Year: 2006
ISBN: Without
Language: English
Publisher: AK Press
Publisher's city: Edinburgh
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