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A Fighting Dream


Claudia Jones stood at many crossroads. Her world was one of heated battles for Black liberation, of anti-fascism in the build-up to World War II, of national liberation struggles across the Global South, of the US government persecuting her and her comrades for their activism and membership in the Communist Party. And as a Black woman, she was also determined to bring to light how race and gender are embedded in and essential to the struggles of the working class. At a time when the hegemony of imperialism and capitalism remain strong while new contradictions and signs of struggle arise, Jones’ political writings are a lesson in identifying the most urgent tasks for moving socialism, the political project of the working class, forward. From her poetry, to newspaper articles, to pamphlets, to speeches, ‘A Fighting Dream: The Political Writings of Claudia Jones’ brings her to us as she was: unrelenting, fearless, and a Communist. Claudia Jones challenges us all to stand with our principles, to build organization, and to clearly see how understanding the intersectional aspects of our struggle is crucial for the liberation of humanity and the planet.

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Subtitel: The Political Writings of Claudia Jones
Auteur: Horne, Gerard
Jaar: 2024
Taal: English
Uitgever: 1804 Books
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