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A Great & Terrible World


This edition of letters by Antonio Gramsci vividly evokes the ‘great and terrible world’ in which he lived, a description he used a number of times in his correspondence. The letters show Gramsci beginning to form the theoretical concepts that come to fuller fruition in the ‘Prison Notebooks’, but they also give an essential and rounded picture of Gramsci’s development, politically, intellectually and emotionally – the latter especially through letters to his family and wife. Broadly speaking, the letters are of three types: early letters to Gramsci’s family; overtly political letters from Turin, Moscow, Vienna, and Rome; and letters to the Schucht sisters, including Jul’ka, whom he married while in Moscow. The political letters constitute a fascinating insight into the period, both with regard to the Communist International and, more often, to Italian politics. The volume also includes the famous letter of 1926 in which Gramsci, writing in the name of the Italian Party’s Political Bureau, criticises the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party for their handling of internal opposition. There are approximately 200 letters, including some newly found and published for the first time in this volume. The collection begins with the letters that the young Gramsci sent back to his family when he was a student in Cagliari and ends with the last letter he wrote before his arrest in 1926. It thus follows a broadly chronological structure, and includes a general introduction, a guide to the main personalities involved, and additional contextual information for each chapter. It also includes some little-known photographic material.


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Subtitel: The Pre-Prison Letters (1908-1926) of Antonio Gramsci
Auteur: Gramsci, Antonio
Jaar: 2014
ISBN: 9781907103964
Pagina's: 384
Taal: English
Uitgever: Lawrence & Wishart
Uitgever stad: London
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