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A Palestine Solidarity Zine


How can we practice solidarity right now, one that is neither failing the urgency of stopping the Nakba, including the genocide unfolding on our screens, while also holding space for the feminist intersectional struggles we draw hope from, which includes the search for a just future for all in Palestine/Israel? This zine is trying just that, with the means closest to my practice: artistic publishing, literature, research. I pulled together fragments from the digital phone “archive” over these past weeks, when probably many of us took screenshots of words that resonated in this distressing moment. I invited Archival Textures contributors to share from their collections of screenshots, links or personal notes and pieces of writing. .Archival Textures was founded with the intention to find and (re)distribute writings of the past that can inform our current vocabularies of solidarity and resistance against normative perspectives on our bodies, desires, and forms of cohabitation. Taking this intention seriously also means to allow the work to be disrupted by what deeply disturbs and scares us in the present moment.


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Auteur: Nixdorff, Tabea
Jaar: 2023
Taal: English
Uitgever: Archival Textures
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