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Abolition feminisms volume 2 : Feminist ruptures against the carceral state


In this expansive companion to Abolition Feminisms Vol. I, contributors confront multiple paradigms of punitivity—the foundational logics of family, borders, heterosexuality, colonial violence, and more—to disengage us from root systems of carcerality. The book transcends various modes and forms: through grassroots praxis, critical research, storytelling, diagrams, poetry, and visual art, these pieces build on the legacies of feminist thinkers who formulated abolitionist critiques of policing, surveillance, and control. The resulting framework provides readers with the resources to cultivate and inhabit a post-carceral world of radical freedom and possibility.

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Auteur: Bierria, Alisa & Jakeya Caruthers & Brooke Lober
Jaar: 2022
ISBN: 9781642598452.0
Pagina's: 314
Taal: English
Uitgever: Haymarket Books
Uitgever stad: Chicago
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