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Accent Issue 2 spring 2022


Second and last issue of this promising new magazine. Topics: Gender, Queer, Black Lives Matters, Black Struggle, Decolonization, etc. The perpetuate exclusion and absence of the marginalized and disenfranchised that is seen and felt in feminist movements is a tradition that has long prevailed. It would, however, be a mistake to conclude that this reiteration of exclusion is solely in male hands. The second issue of Accent invites readers to break with essentialist theories, along with Prof. dr. Oyèrónkẹ́ Oyěwùmí and Prof. dr. Silvia Federici.
Issue 02 index
· Artun Alaska Arasli
· Laura van Diermen
· Prof. dr. Silvia Federici
· Iris F. van Hest
· Chihning Ho
· Charlotte Lee
· Janna Ondracek
· Prof. dr. Oyèrónkẹ́ Oyěwùmí
· Fatma P. Escalante Pliego
· Jordy Simonis
· Karina Scarlet de Vries


Artikelnummer: 39624 Categorie: Tag:
Subtitel: Magazine for social insights
Auteur: Accent collective
Jaar: 2022
ISBN: Zonder
Pagina's: 70
Taal: English
Uitgever: Accent
Uitgever stad: Amsterdam
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