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Adbusters #164, January-February 2023


The Big Ideas of 2023 The question’s as blunt as the times are dire. Are we winning or losing the planetary endgame? In our year-end issue we argue both sides, with our most optimistic, bright-eyed inclinations colliding in the middle with our bleakest and grimmest intuitions. It’s a stitching-together of two warring tendencies. Truth is, neither one is sufficient for our salvation: to win the endgame, we desperately need both. To stave off extinction, we’re going to have to muster both the courage to face the harshest truths about our reality and the guts to imagine a radically different one — and then see it through. So summon all the chutzpah you can muster. It’s going to be the match of the millennium.


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Auteur: Adbusters
Jaar: 2023
ISBN: 7391749010301
Pagina's: 80
Taal: English
Uitgever: Adbusters
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