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Adbusters #167 July-Aug 2023 Vol. 31/3


The original culture-jamming magazine, published since 1989 and predating the Occupy movement in its campaigns against the excesses of global capitalism.
America is all dressed up with nowhere to go — exporting a virus of individuality more deadly than Covid to the rest of the world. All the revolutionaries are burned out — every moment of time monetized.
Meanwhile, in China, we watch the steady, methodical rise of a 21st century Hitler. World leaders flock to China just like they flocked to Germany 80 years ago.
Can we leap over both of them, and forge a third path through the perilous years ahead?
Now having evolved (and satisfyingly so) into a larger-format complete with glossy cover(s), this issue of Adbusters is quick to cut the sugary sweetness of its hot pink cover with a look at two faces of the same nation-state coin. America’s sprinkle burger drips on one side, with an endless phone spiral alluding to ‘China’s Slave State’ on the other Always worth thumbing through…

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Auteur: Adbusters
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