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Anarchism and Education in Rio Grande (1918-1927)


This book focuses on libertarian education at the beginning of the 20th century in the city of Rio Grande. It analyses the work of anarchists as social actors in a unique form of education proposed for workers. To this end, the reports of the Municipal Intendency of Rio Grande, the anarchist newspaper O Nosso Verbo and the minutes, cash books and reports of the Workers’ Union Society were analysed. The main basis for this study is the texts produced by Rio Grande’s militant workers on education. It aims to analyse the libertarian expressions on education, from their first more consistent manifestations on the subject of education, in the newspaper O Nosso Verbo. As well as the moment when their ideology was put into practice, during the period of anarchist hegemony in the Workers’ Union Society and, consequently, in the school maintained by this society.

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