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Anarchism, Revolution and Reaction


The period from 1898 to 1923 was a particularly dramatic one in Spanish history; it culminated in the violent Barcelona “labor wars” and was only brought to a close with the coup d’état launched by the Barcelona Captain General, Miguel Primo de Rivera, in September 1923. In his detailed examination of the rise of the Catalan anarchist-syndicalist-led labor movement, the author blends social, cultural and political history in a novel way. He analyses the working class “from below” and the policies of the Spanish State towards labor “from above.” Based on an in-depth usage of primary sources, the authors provides an unrivalled account of Catalan labor and the Catalan anarchist-syndicalist movement and thus makes an important contribution to our understanding of early twentieth-century Spanish history.

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Subtitel: Catalan Labor and the Crisis of the Spanish State, 1898-1923
Auteur: Smith, Angel
Jaar: 2007
ISBN: 9781845451769
Pagina's: 418
Taal: English
Uitgever: Berghahn Books
Uitgever stad: Oxford
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