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Custer died for your sins


First published in 1969, and now reissued with a new preface by the author, `Custer Died For Your Sins’ remains a landmark statement, and analysis, of the miserable interactions that the settlers brought to Native America. “With great humor and cutting wit, Vine Deloria Jr. debunks the stereotype of the Native American of feather and beads and Hollywood fame. Detailing the interaction of Native Americans with United States government agencies, treaties (past and present), Christian churches and social sciences, `Custer Died For Your Sins’ destroys the white man’s myth about Indian culture. Deloria writes with ironic, mordant wit and, in the process, he resolutely destroys the stereotypes and myths that white society has built up about the Indian.”

Artikelnummer: 19816 Categorie: Tag:
Subtitel: An Indian Manifesto
Auteur: Deloria, Vine
Jaar: 1988
ISBN: 9780806121291
Pagina's: 278
Taal: Spanish / Español
Uitgever: University of Oklahoma Press
Uitgever stad:
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