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Franco’s friends


The untold tale of MI6’s involvement in the rise of Spanish fascism. It is known that a British plane took Francisco Franco from the Canaries to Morocco at the start of the coup. What is not known is that the plane was chartered by an MI6 agent and that British secret services continued working behind the scenes in Spain through to World War II, to ensure British interests were maintained. Crucially, MI6 paid bribes to Spanish generals to keep Spain neutral, thus reaping the benefits for Britain from 1939-45. `Franco’s Friends’ reveals how Britain made a dubious moral choice that would have repercussions on the outcome of the Second World War.

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Subtitel: How British Intelligence Helped Bring Franco to Power in Spain
Auteur: Day, Peter
Jaar: 2011
ISBN: 9781849540988
Pagina's: 384
Taal: English
Uitgever: Biteback Publishing
Uitgever stad: London
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