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Great Anarchists Zine


Not to be confused with the above! This is an A6 version of a zine by Peter Willis who drew his own images of various anarchists which had inspired him. This is a cool little zine. This zine is a contradiction in terms. Anarchism by definition is opposed to hierarchy, therefore to place any anarchist as ‘greater’ than any other defeats the whole point. The anarchists contained therein were chosen simply for their contribution to the anarchist movement throughout history, both in theory and practice, and not for any personality traits they might have had. For example, both Bakunin and Proudon were anti-semites and Proudhon was also an outrageous sexist. Their inclusion in this zine in no way condones these opinions. Anarchism sits entirely at odds with any form of discrimination and I hope their hypocrisy doesn’t take away from the validity of their other messages.

Artikelnummer: 43089 Categorie: Tags: ,
Auteur: Willis, Peter
Jaar: 2024
ISBN: 9781914567469
Pagina's: 28
Taal: English
Uitgever: Active Publishing
Uitgever stad: Krnjak / Karlovac
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