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Infinite Thought


Influenced by Plato, Lucretius, Heidegger, Lacan and Deleuze, Badiou is a critic of both the analytical and the postmodern schools of thought. His work spans the range of philosophy, from ethics, to mathematics to science, psychoanalysis, politics and art. His writing is rigorous and startling and takes no prisoners. Infinite Thought brings together a representative selection, including a revealing interview, of the range of Alain Badiou’s work, illustrating the power and diversity of his thought. The book is now regarded as The place to start to understand a philosopher who is doing no less than changing the way we think about the world. Edited and translated Oliver Feltham and Justin Clemens

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Subtitel: Truth and the Return of Philosophy
Auteur: Badiou, Alain
Jaar: 2005
ISBN: 0826479294
Pagina's: 147
Taal: English
Uitgever: Continuum
Uitgever stad: New York
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