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Infinite Variety


Alas, one has to dig to find anarchist voices lost to history, even more so when those voices are women, and even more still for women representing an individualist perspective. Thankfully, Enemy Combatants has done some digging for us and brushed off some gems. Some names included here are more well known than others, but they all share the same vision of the unshackling of societal restraints and the flourishing of the individual spirit. ‘What Is Worth While?’ confronts how children are raised to believe in the myths of society and the social ideals of Honesty, Respectability, and Prosperity. Worship of these is called Duty and she identifies three obligations: to God, to man, and to ourselves. The Man Awake has broken free from these constraints. Published to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Emma Goldman’s Mother Earth, ‘Congratulations—Plus’ is a piece in praise of Goldman and the famous anarchist journal. Fraulein Lepper answers the question ‘Why Women Need Egoism’ in a condemnation of the expectation that women should aspire towards the role of the devoted housewife. Similarly, Sara Bard Field condemns the Christian religion for implanting the ideals of self-sacrifice and that it is best to put others before yourself in ‘My Debt to Anarchism’.

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Subtitel: Writings by individualist-anarchist women
Auteur: Collective
Jaar: 2020
Taal: English
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