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Internal exile in fascist Italy


This study offers a clear, concise introduction to the Fascist-era practice, know as confino, of exiling antifascist dissidents to parts of Italy far from the dissidents’ homes, often on islands or in tiny inland villages. The book is organised in two sections. Part one provides a case study of the political colony on the island of Lipari and a historical overview of internal exile. Part two focuses on representations of confinement in literature and film. It examines the varieties of self-expression (e.g. memoirs, letters and literature) used by prisoners to describe their experiences, investigates how filmmakers interpret these events, places and people, and explores how film portrays the repression of homosexuality. A timely examination of the birthplace of European federalism, the book also contributes to our understanding of the legacy of confinement from both national and European perspectives.

Artikelnummer: 38941 Categorie: Tags: , ,
Subtitel: History and representations of confino
Auteur: Garofalo, Piero & Elizabeth Leake & Dana Renga
Jaar: 2022
ISBN: 9781526163875
Pagina's: 232
Taal: English
Uitgever: Manchester University Press
Uitgever stad: Manchester
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