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Marxian Economics


The West has a lot to learn from Japanese Marxist economics, which brings concepts like surplus value, class, the exploitation of labour and commodification to neoclassical economics. This classic work, following in the footsteps of Nobuo Okishio, Michio Morishima and Kozo Uno, provides a historical perspective on political economy and labour exploitation using extensive mathematical modelling. Suitable for students of economics, this is a new way to approach mainstream economics from a Marxist angle, and a fresh perspective on historical materialism.

Artikelnummer: 41292 Categorie: Tags: , ,
Subtitel: A New Japanese Tradition
Auteur: Onishi, Hiroshi
Jaar: 2023
ISBN: 9780745347189
Pagina's: 320
Taal: English
Uitgever: Pluto Press
Uitgever stad: London
Verschijningsdatum: 2023-07-19
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