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Methodology of The Oppressed


Chela Sandoval, a professor of Chicana/o Studies at UCSB, first introduced what she characterizes as the “methodology of the oppressed” in 1991 with her essay “U.S. Third World Feminism: The Theory and Method of Oppositional Consciousness in the Postmodern World,” which is the central to her book “The Methodology of the Oppressed.” In the mentioned essay she unravels the meaning of”U.S Third World Feminisms,”why and where such movimientos came about , and what different forms of feminist practice it employs to bring social justice. She labels the tactics used by the movimientos as: equal rights, revolutionary, supremacist and separatist. U.S Third World Feminism is then “differential consciousness,” which means possessing the faculty of mapping the circumstances one finds herself, and acting accordingly out of the four forms of tactics. By specifically reviewing the works of Western theorists such as that of Frederic Jameson, Roland Barthes and Michael Focault, Sandoval deconstructs and challenges the hegemony of these eurocentric thinkers within ’the Academy’ on postmodern resistance and consciousness. She exploits these theoretical faults so that women-of-color continue constructing U.S. Third World Feminism as a legitimized theory and practice. Such hegemonic puncturing movidas by Sandoval, are then examples of the inner/outter technologies that the oppressed use for emancipation: “radical semiology, deconstruction and meta-idealizing.” Sandoval can employ these various technologies because of her “differential movement;” the ability of differential perception and deployment of consciousness, or what many Chicana/os know as “la conciencia de la Mestiza.” These technologies are guided by her commitment to equity for the marginalized inside/outside the master’s home, to make “the system” accountable to our voices. This commitment is what she characterizes as “democratics,” the love for people which drives one to pursue social justice, which constitutes the technologies, which are essential for the methodology of the oppressed, which is the methodology of love. Although the “Methodology of The Oppressed” is a rigorous read because of the high theory, it is an extremely brilliant book that gives us hope in laying out possibilities for us to build coalitions across race, class, gender and sexualities to enact social movements to bring social change. This book masterfully makes the connection between the political struggle within the academy, as well as outside, and assist us in strategically negotiating the terms of engagement to meet our normative goals of social equity.

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Subtitel: Theory out of bounds # 18
Auteur: Sandoval, Chela & Angela Y. Davis
Jaar: 2000
ISBN: 0816627371
Pagina's: 240
Taal: English
Uitgever: University of Minnesota Press
Uitgever stad: Minneapolis
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