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Non-binary : An introduction


Non-binary: An Introduction is an accessible guide to non-binary genders that covers frequently asked questions. What does non-binary mean? And what is trans? How does someone know they’re non-binary? Biologically there are only two genders, right? Responses can be adapted individually: blank lines after each answered question invite non-binary people to share their own thoughts. This gives family members, friends, and partners both a general overview and a personal insight into non-binary experiences. The guide also offers pronoun examples, common phrases, a glossary of words, and additional resources. Changes in the revised 2nd Edition include: updated entries (e.g. on detransition and third gender markers), additional definitions (endosex, femme, butch & more), richer colors (printed version), less bright colors & screenreader-friendly fillable fields (digital version), and other small changes, such as fixed spelling mistakes and updated names and bios!

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