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Notes on Prison, Justice & Climate


Written by political prisoner Jeff “Free” Luers and Lilia Letsch, this zine is the result of a letter-writing friendship struck up between two forest activists on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean—one from Tasmania, the other a Californian serving time in an Oregon prison.
“When Jeff and I decided to write something together…we had vague notions of wanting to convey the difficulties and rewards at both ends of a political prisoner support relationship…I can only hope, in these times of increased State persecution against eco and animal rights activists, that this zine can help reveal how important political prisoner support is, how we need to stick together, take care of each other, and let those in prison know how important they still are to us. Incarcerated activists are people who have rightfully acknowledged that a prison cell is a lot less frightening than the future our world faces, and they deserve our undying respect and support for the stand they have taken to highlight the plight of this beautiful planet we live on.” —Lilia Letsch, from the introduction

Artikelnummer: 23571 Categorie:
Auteur: Luers, jeff and Letsch, lilia
Jaar: 2009
Taal: English
Uitgever: AK Press USA & Distribution
Uitgever stad: Chico California
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