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Palestine and the Palestinians


“Palestine and the Palestinians” is a sweeping social, economic, ideological and political history of the Palestinian people, from antiquity to the Road Map to Peace. The text begins with an overview of Palestine’s place in regional and global history, followed by an in-depth discussion of Palestinian society before and after the catastrophic division of Palestine in 1948. This second edition is thoroughly revised and updated, including entirely new chapters on the most current events and issues confronting Palestine today, including: Palestinians in Israel; the structural flaws of the Oslo Accords and their bearing on the Second Intifada; Palestinian refugees and their right of return; Jerusalem and its unique role for Palestine and Palestinians; the diplomatic “peace process” from Camp David to the Road Map; and the future of the Palestinians and the two-state and single-state solutions.

Artikelnummer: 15594 Categorie: Tag:
Subtitel: A Social and Political History
Auteur: Farsoun, Samih K. & Naseer Aruri
Jaar: 2006
ISBN: 9780813343365
Pagina's: 432
Taal: English
Uitgever: Westview Press
Uitgever stad: Oxford
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