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Palestinian Reader (Incomplete)


A printing of the compilation of anarchist writings about Palestine put together by Seditionist Distribution in the UK. This is their description. Featuring over twenty pieces by Anarchists from across the past century this reader has been put together as a guiding stone for fellow anarchists to better understand the conflict in The Levant and the responses of their comrades through-out the past hundred years. This reader is inherently incomplete, and is for the most part stripped of citations beyond the source materials. We keenly encourage you to look further into these texts, the authors, and the events they describe. This collection was overwhelming compiled by M.Gouldhawke an âpihtawikosisân writer to whome we owe a great deal of thanks for inspiring the rest of this publication. Further thanks go to Kuwasi Maroon, for helping with to further source and compile materials, proofing, and the transcribing of “Rasta Time in Palestine”.

Artikelnummer: 43086 Categorie: Tags: ,
Auteur: Collective
Jaar: 2024
ISBN: 9781914567490
Pagina's: 82
Taal: English
Uitgever: Active Publishing
Uitgever stad: Krnjak / Karlovac
Verschijningsdatum: 2024-05-12
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