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Race, Nation, and Capital in the Modern World


Brings together three key concepts – race, nation and capitalism, to analyse the inequalities caused by the confluence of all three, which allows the reader to really grasp the key relationship between them across history. Useful for those studying topics on racism, race, capital, the history of inequality, and human and civil rights. Racism particularly, but also issues around nationalism and capitalism, are increasingly of interest to students thinking about how history relates to the present. Compared to other titles which only look at individual nations or one of the three themes discussed in this volume, this book is more extensive because it looks at the interrelationship of these three concepts in history.

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Auteur: Nicholson, Philip Y. NTS
Jaar: 2023
ISBN: 9781032056258
Pagina's: 188
Taal: English
Uitgever: Taylor & Francis
Uitgever stad: Basingstoke
Verschijningsdatum: 2023-03-17
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