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Rumoer #6 english edition winter (february) 2023

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We’re here again after this hot winter! Still a time of war, climate-struggle/destructivity/pessimism/idealism, repression, technology and an online mirror-world, farmers, arsonists and uprisings troughout the world. Not all of this could be captured in this little big pocket-sized RUMOER, but some it is in. We do like to spread this zine for free, not just by mail or in social spaces, but also on the streets and events. This does cost money…If you can, donate lots: BIC: INGBNL2A, IBAN NL75 INGB 0004253090 in the name of ITHAKA in Utrecht, in the description RUMOER.
You can order paper versions by sending an email to rumoer at riseup dot net. At the Fort van Sjakoo you can pick it up for free or order it along with other literature and get it send. For the index: A coming eng – on to the beginning; Repression news; Farmers wiesdom; Anarchy in the mirror world?; Tehre are no isolated arsonists; Hamburg: observation of anarchists; News from far and nearby.

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Auteur: Rumoer Collectief
Jaar: 2023
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Taal: English
Uitgever: Rumoer
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