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Sante Casario


June 24 1894, the president of the French republic Sadi Carnot reached the end of his life in Lyon under Casero’s blows. It was the revenge of the oppressed against the ruling class of exploiters, the sudden urge to destroy the bourgeois system based on injustice and corruption and to replace it with a new society without servants and bosses, poor and rich, armies and prisons. Casarieo, a poor and semi-literate young worker, was one of the many oppressed, but unlike many others he was also aware that the ruling class was made uo by criminals whose hands were covered with blood,poorpeople’s blood.He decided not to be a passive spectactor of the suffering inflicted on the proletarians, as anarchist, he dedicated his whole life to spreading the anarchist ideal among people and putting it into action each time the occasion arose.In this sense Caserio is still an outstanding example to anyone who claims to be anarchist.

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