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Shape & situate #7


‘Shape & Situate: Posters Of Inspirational Women in Europe’ is a zine made up of posters made by artists and DIY creative people. The posters feature artwork and information on an inspirational or radical European women of the poster maker’s choosing. The aim has been to highlight the (often hidden) history and lives of radical inspirational women and collectives from Europe, as a way of connecting us with the past and the present through a cultural articulation of these women’s lives. Born as a result of an appreciation of radical poster projects from the USA, such as Celebrate People’s History and Inspired Agitators, the zine provides a European perspective of women who have acted in inspirational ways, providing knowledge on – and recognising and celebrating – these radical women’s lives and actions. Women who have acted as organisers, activists, pioneers, educators, or role models, from a wide range of disciplines.

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Subtitel: Posters of inspirational women in Europe
Auteur: Collective
Jaar: 2015
ISBN: Zonder
Pagina's: 48
Taal: English
Uitgever: Shape & Situate
Uitgever stad:
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