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Socialist Register 2022 (volume 58)


The word ‘polarization’ is on the lips of every commentator today, from mainstream journalists to the left, but the significance of this widely recognised phenomenon needs far more scrutiny than it has had. The 58th volume of the Socialist Register takes up the challenge of exploring how the new polarisations relate to the contradictions that underlie them, and how far ‘centrist’ politics can continue to contain them. Original essays examine the multiplication of polarised national, racial, generational and other identities in the context of growing inequality in income and wealth, new forms of regional and urban antagonism, ‘vaccine nationalism’, and the shifting parameters of great power rivalry.

Artikelnummer: 39655 Categorie: Tags: ,
Subtitel: New Polarizations and Old Contradictions: The Crisis
Auteur: Socialist Register
Jaar: 2021
ISBN: 9780850367737
Pagina's: 304
Taal: English
Uitgever: Merlin Press
Uitgever stad: London
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